Aeromed Group is a rising leadership investment group focused on supply chain technology and tail spend solutions for aerospace and defense. Leveraging decades of expertise, we bring excellence and entrepreneurial zest to accelerating innovation in the A&D arena.

Our team of innovative, collaborative, and highly motivated professionals propel our organization and its customers toward greater success. 

B.O.L.T. is the cornerstone of Aeromed. The B.O.L.T. Code provides the guidelines and expectations that achieve the initiatives at a record pace and build trust with customers, suppliers, and each team member. These important guidelines apply equally to every member of the organization, regardless of role or seniority.

Our #1 focus is rapid growth and ensuring each business is operating at its peak performance. The Aeromed Group provides sales and marketing resources to elevate each company’s brand and expedite new opportunities. Delivering new tools and technology allows effective acceleration of sales strategy and customer support. Aeromed minimizes the distractions of routine financial, legal, and personnel functions. The shared services model reduces costs and frees up resources to remain persistent on the top priority – rapid growth.

Recognizing the hurdles that companies encounter while striving to attain exceptional outcomes, Aeromed embeds a foundation of ownership into the organization. Every employee embraces complete responsibility for their individual achievements. Full confidence is placed in each team member’s pursuit of rapid advancement and resolute commitment to conquer challenges and achieve successful outcomes. Aeromed thrives on initiative and accountability, setting clear expectations, taking thoughtful action, and being fully responsible for the quality and timeliness of outcomes. This approach permits the utilization of expertise and facilitates the establishment of trust through the display of exceptional results.

Embracing a culture centered on independence, Aeromed bestows to each member the authority to make instant decisions, determine optimal work locations and schedules, and consistently deliver exceptional outcomes. This autonomy not only fosters a sense of ownership but also sparks creativity and innovation. By allowing everyone the latitude to determine how to achieve their goals and metrics, the company recognizes that diverse perspectives contribute to collective success. Aeromed’s commitment to empowerment is guided by collaboration tools that allow for transparency without micromanagement. Real-time visualization of progress not only ensures effective task completion but also reflects the belief in the expertise and resourcefulness of each team member.

Aeromed is a group of teams. Teams that all align with the Aeromed goal. Teams are comprised of individuals that align with their team’s goals. When all companies in the group do well, then everyone wins. Aeromed energizes and allows all employees with a direct line of communication and insight into how their work matters. Teams can embrace the direction of Aeromed by monitoring the progress of their group and the cascading effect of each member. Individuals recognize that their contribution to the team’s success is greater than their individual achievements.

” Let’s Win Together ” – Bob Spence, CEO