3 Major Focus Areas for the US to Consider to Develop and Sustain a Leadership Role in AAM

By February 25, 2021blog

To build and retain a leadership position in AAM, three key focus areas for the United States to recognize:

1. Establishing a transparent and desirable policy environment through:

  • Developing a large ecosystem for AAM
  • Encouraging private-public partnerships (PPPs)
  • Adapting Aircraft Certification for AAM safely
  • Defining policies and regulations so that AAM can be safely incorporated into the existing airspace

2. Leadership of core innovations and expertise by:

  • Advanced battery/energy density growth, artificial intelligence, and 5G technologies
  • Development aircraft at near-automotive prices
  • Producing the appropriate talent for the future

3. Developing and expanding the market through:

  • Investment stimulants and market generators
  • Physical facilities construction
  • Industry positioning for global exports

To learn more, follow this link: https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/insights/industry/aerospace-defense/advanced-air-mobility.html